CrossFit 42 South

Friday the 28th June 2013



20min AMRAP of:

2 Muscle ups


8 KB swings 32/24kg


*Scaling options for the muscle up will be provided so if you can’t even do a pull up we will scale for you. Same goes for the HSPU


Additional Work

3rm  hang clean then jerk















In other words listen to your coach when they try to correct your form or they tell you to lighten the load because they are not happy with your from. Also if you do have an injury please speak up as we are not mind readers. If you do have a legit injury please talk to us on how to manage it and if we don't know and we tell you to go see someone smarter then us please just do it other wise we will just assume your injury is just to get you out of a WOD like a lazy kid in PE class…. 




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