CrossFit 42 South

Friday the 20th September 2013


Back squat


*Heavier then your last 5rm




Toes 2 bar

Push press 60/40kg

Deadlift 60/40kg


Additional Work (get in early)

Work on muscle ups for 15minutes

If you have them, make them awesome, If you don’t have them work towards getting them and if you're a long way off getting a muscle up ask yourself what’s missing (technique, strength). If you are really confused ask your coach….

I then expect everyone who wishes to compete in the sport of CrossFit to start practicing these more. Just because we don’t program them often doesn’t mean you shouldn't practice these skill.

As an athlete wishing to compete you should be practicing your MU’s, dips, HSPU, HS walking, bar MU’s, pistols etc. Any advance CrossFit gymnastics should be practiced often, otherwise you will not improve…


This is a cool drill to practice your muscle ups


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