CrossFit 42 South

Friday the 1st March 2013

WOW 1st of March already… Where on earth is this year going already. Less then 1 week to the Open.. Have you registered? 

Now our local running girl Tina will be leaving us for 2 months and in this time she will be going to compete in a gnarly hardcore super marathon. Ranked on the Discovery Channel as the toughest foot race on earth.. Check for of it here

You guys all know how against running I am but this is epic. I think she is a total bad ass for doing this because I would never do it. For me I'd say it's to hard so I take my hat of to you buddy… Best of luck and look forward to your return back home… 


Clean and jerk

5×2 at 80% of max


5 rounds for total reps

1minute Max Handstand push ups

1minute Max rep strict pull ups

1minute Rest


Oh god, I used to think Wolverine was BAD ASS… Clearly does not squat…. I'm so shattered right about now



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