CrossFit 42 South

Friday the 12th July 2013

For those athltes who are doing Smolov I ask that you get in tomorrow for open box to get your squats done. We will also have some extra additional work that can be done. 

Conditioning (everyone)

Part A-

21-15-9 of:


Strict Pull ups

*Scale HSPU with strict KB press or BB press (heavy as possible) and pull ups with band


Rest around 3-5min between A and B


Part B-

3minute AMRAP of:

Power snatch 60/40kg

*If you can do Isabel in 3min or less upscale to 70/50kg


Additional Work (try get squats done first today)

Option A-

Smolov week 1 day 3

Back squat

5×5 @ 80%


Option B-

Back squat 3×5

*2.5kg heavier then Monday


Then mobilise like a BOSS




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