CrossFit 42 South

Friday- Barbell slanging + CrossFit benchmark

CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

W/UP: Warm-up (No Measure)

movement flow as a group

then 2 sets:

10 plate ground to overhead

:30sec FLR on floor

10 walking lunge steps

then thruster movement review + kipping pull up/options to scale the pull up ready for Fran after our heavy sets.

A: Squat Clean Thruster (3-3-3-3-3 NOT T&G)

No more than :5sec between reps

-GO EVERY 2:00-

Getting practice on your cleans while prepping the thruster movement pattern for Fran. Really focus on catching the clean in a strong front squat then driving up hard with the legs and punching the weight overhead without re-dipping. Finishing strong on OH lockout. Then bringing the bar down and resetting for the next rep.

B: Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#

12min cap. Modify to be able to achieve this. Goal is much fater though. Scale as needed to be able to do all sets in no more than 3 sets. If you hvae some pull ups but not this volume then do 15-12-9

C: Metcon (No Measure)

Optional core finisher:

2-3 sets:

10 PERFECT hollow rocks

10-15 v-ups/ tuck ups

5-10 side plank hip lifts with :2sec pause at the top of each rep.
On the side plank focus on keeping a string shoulder position. Avoid your shoulder rolling forward into a weak and unsafe position. We will coach you in this.

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