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Warm-up (No Measure)

3 sets of:

10m SLOW bear crawl fwd

10m SLOW bear crawl bck

10 pallof press es

Then taking some time to explain the new movements today. The single leg RDL and the Z press.


Last week on this specific progression. Increase weight on all sets, but quality is the main priority as always.

A1: Single leg alternating Dumbbell RDL (DB each hand by sides) (3×20 @ 2121)

-rest 1min before A2

Quality is the focus here. Learning to use one leg at a time and having the strength and balance to do so in a hinging/bending movement.

You can build on these. You can also use KB to help make the weight differences.

Demo video:

A2: Back rack reverse lunge (3×20 @ slower down than up)

-rest 1:00min before B2

alternating legs. Good quality reps over the weight.

B1: Dumbbell Z press (3x 8-12 @ 2121)

-rest 1:00min before B2

Get into the best position you can. Shoulders over hips, create an L shape in your body. Quality over load.

These are great to help with midline stability and flexability to help you with lots of other work.

Demo video:

B1: Barbell row (supinated grip) (3x 8-12 @ 21X1)

-rest 1min before B1

Stay over the bar, really pull the bar into the body and hold for the full :1. No hitching or kipping the rep. Keep it strict and solid.

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