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Warm-up (No Measure)

Grab a buddy and perform 10 over and unders each then find a rower or an AB and perform :30 on, :30 off alternating between each other x6 sets (alternate between AB and row)

then 15 band pull a parts

:30 FLR on floor

x2 sets

then let’s begin, you should be very warm now…

A: Shoulder Press (5×5 )

-rest 1:30

like previous weeks, but today we want you to pick a weight and stay with the weight for all working sets.

Today, be aware of not really bouncing the bar of your chest and coming up to your toes as you press. KEEP THIS STRICT…

Weight is your choice, but better to be lighter than you think than to heavy and fail reps. I’m thinking about 3-4th best set from last week.

B: Push Press (5×5 )

-rest 1:30

as above

C: Push Jerk (5X5 )

-rest 1:30

as above

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