CrossFit 42 South


CrossFit MSD – CrossFit

6-8am with Sjon for Crossfit or weightlifting

4:30-6:30pm with Nikki for weightlifting work
*Strictly weightlifting ONLY for the 4:30pm

Metcon (Time)

Home WOD idea if you can’t make the gym today.

For time:

50 air squats

50 hand release push ups

100 air squats

35 hand release push ups

50 air squats

15 hand release push ups

*To add extra spice to this, make out a 200m run and hit this between each movement. So you will go squat/run/push up/run etc. The workout would then end with the run.

Maybe get a group together and hit this somewhere?


A: Power Snatch (Build to a 2rm)

Drop and reset.

B: Overhead Squat (10-10-10)

From racks. Slower down than up is the tempo.

Build each set.

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