CrossFit 42 South

Friday 13/07/2012

Liso and myself are home tonight… Looking forward to seeing everyone and to get back into training.. We missed you all




For time complete the following:

Row 1000m

50 thrusters 20/15

30 pull ups



5min front plank for quality. If you drop just get back up. If you can hold the 5minutes that’s great. I am after perfect position being held. As soon as form goes drop and re set please.


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compare to last time HERE

3 Responses to “Friday 13/07/2012”

  1. Martin says:

    That didn't work.
    8:55 RxD Pb
    This was a perfect WOD for me. I need to steer clear of any Olympic lifting as we don't have a straight barbell onboard.

  2. Maso says:

    Build one lol…. Your training is going well..