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Hey all, remember that next weekend is our Christmas party. Please RSVP ASAP and put money in the black container at the front next to the computer.


Warm-up (No Measure)


50m farmer carry (weight /hand)

:20-:40 HS hold (kick up to wall)

*Go as heavy as you like/can on the farmer carry. Can use the handles, just don’t waste time messing about for to long. Use handles if you want to go beyond 32kg KB

A1: Front rack step ups (3×20 alt legs)

-rest 1:30

20 reps, alt legs this week. 10/side total.

Quality reps, be sure to step all the way up and through and control your lower.

Heavier than last week or better quality if you know you can do better.

A2: Seated dual DB press (3x 8-12 @ 31X1)

rest 1:00

sit on a bench/box. Keep chest up tall, press the DB overhead with DB finishing over shoulders.

Accessory work

3 sets of:

10 DB floor press

:15-:30 chin over bar hold

Heavy but good reps. Good holds, use a band if needed or ring row hold.

A3: Wide grip strict pull up (3x 8-12 @ 21X1)

-rest 2:00

Wide grip strict pull ups are tough… Scale by using a band as needed. OR if doing ring rows, just keep working what you have been doing there.

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