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The first of December means that is’s Christmas month….. Where on earth has this year gone? It’s just flown by.
I hope you have stopped to appreciate the small things and the big things that happen to us daily and in our lives. Because before we know it, the weeks and months and year just goes by so fast, we are so busy and we forget to appreciate the things that are right there in-front of us.

I just want to say thank you to everyone at CFMSD. I’m so grateful for everyone of you. You guys are amazing and I really appreciate you all.

Go and flex your gratitude muscles and be grateful and thankful for something or someone today.


Warm-up (No Measure)


50m single arm farmer carry es

10 perfect air squats @ 2120

For the carry. Go to the fence, then switch arms.

*Go as heavy as you like/can on the farmer carry. Can use the handles, just don’t waste time messing about for to long. Use handles if you want to go beyond 32kg KB

A1: Front rack step ups (3×20 alt legs)

-rest 1:30

20 reps, alt legs this week. 10/side total.

Quality reps, be sure to step all the way up and through and control your lower.

A2: Dumbbell Z press (3x 8-12 @ 31X1)

-rest 1:00

progress in weight or reps from last week. This will be a bit tougher though as you are superseding with the lower body work and will have some fatigue.

Accessory work

For quality and that sweet pump

This is the same as last week but aim for for reps or weight or both…

2-3 sets of:

10-15 DB floor press @ 21X1

10-20 tricep push downs

floor press –

A3: Ring Rows (3x 8-12 @ 21X1)

-rest 2:00

Legit reps. Don’t let form drop at all. These are sooo good for upper body pulling strength when done right.

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