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Warm-up (No Measure)


100m farmer carry (fence and back)

5 broad jumps (start small and build on each jump and each set)

*Go as heavy as you like/can on the farmer carry. Can use the handles, just don’t waste time messing about for to long.

On the jumps, stick each jump and land.

A: Front rack step ups (3×10-12/leg @ slower down than up )

rest :20 btw legs if needed

-rest 1:30

1 less set than previous weeks, but asking for more reps on each set. I suggest only adding weight if you did 10 reps last week easy-ish. Otherwise, use last weeks weight and aim for more total reps.

Remember that this is done 1 leg at a time.

Quality over load. Be sure to step all the way up and through. No pushing off that back leg.

B1: Dumbbell Z press (3x 8-12 @ 31X1)

-rest 1:00

progress in weight or reps from last week.

Accessory work

For quality and that sweet pump

2-3 sets of:

10-15 DB floor press @ 21X1

10-20 tricep push downs

floor press –

B2: Ring Rows (3x 8-12 @ 21X1)

-rest 1:00

ring rows are our scalling option for pull ups a lot of the time, but done right, these are mad for building your upper body pulling strength. Keep your body in a tight hollow position, and pull your chest all the way to the rings without your body flexing or extending.

Stick to the tempo and this will get tough.

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