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The Fundamentals of CrossFit

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Here I have put together some good content on the fundamental movements we do here at CrossFit MSD. All the content here is courtesy of CrossFit HQ. I have outlined the 9 fundamental movements as well some a cool video showcasing the snatch and clean and jerk. All the other movements we do will build on these main fundamentals. Think of it like your primary colours which you need to be able to make all the other cool colours you want to use. Same applies here. You must have the fundamentals down pat so you can move onto the hybrid variations.


Squatting movements. 

Air squat > Front squat > Overhead squat


Pressing movements. 

Shoulder press > Push press > Push jerk

Pulling movements. 

Deadlift > Sumo deadlift high pull > medicine ball clean



Olympic weightlifting movements

And from all of this, we can create so many beautiful movements that build off the basics. Some of the main two that we do are the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Here are some awesome slow-motion videos of these lifts, which will really help you get a better understanding of the technical lifts.

Take note of once the bar gets to his hips and he extends nice and tall, that he is now pulling under the bar, rather than trying to pull the bar over his head. Also, notice how the bar doesn’t really need to get that high for the lift to occur. Obviously, at lighter weights, you can pull it higher and receive it higher (power snatch) but this is the full lift at its finest.

This lift is broken down into two parts. The clean (taking the bar from the floor to the shoulders) then the jerk (shoulder to overhead). The same principles will apply as the snatch. Watch as the bar get close to his hips, he starts pulling down on the bar, rather than pulling the bar to his shoulders. Then on the jerk, he drives the bar up, then starts relocating under the barbell, rather than pressing it up over his head.