CrossFit 42 South

Black out week…

For the next week we will not be posting the workout the night before. We are doing this for a few reasons. We are calling this a black out week as you will be in the dark about what the WOD is going to be. 

I promise there is no 40min AMRAP of burpees or a 5km run. 

The idea is to stop cherry pickers. This means those who pick and choose the workouts they want to do and don't want to do. Come prepared for unkown and unkowable this week. 

We will post daily still so check the website. We will post Monday WOD on Monday night to upload the results and any updates we need to mention from the website as normal. 

For the comp group, check the other website for you workouts. I won't make any variations to it other than your own scalling as needed. 

4 Responses to “Black out week…”

  1. Chelsea & Isaac says:

    We would be interested in discussing nutrition etc. We want to get a little more lean! 

  2. kel says:

    Haha love it!!

  3. Chelsea says:

    What's the website Maso for the comp programming ?