CrossFit 42 South

Attendance Analysis Report for April 2012

Last months of attendance is in. 

Congrats to the following for achieving 100% sessions this month. These people came to at least if not more of the possible 18 WODs we had in April. 

G, Rollsy, Lucy, Alif, Kyle, Luis, Nikki, Megan and Joc.

To achieve 100% the goal is to attend 5 sessions a week and in the month of April there was 18 programmed Workouts. It was a smaller Month due to Easter and Anzac day public holidays. 

Note- If you miss a session during the week you can come in Saturday and catch up. This will show to your attendance for the month. 

Click on this post to view the rest of the attendance from the CFMSD crew. Try your hardest to encourage everyone to achieve 100%. 

Athlete Total Visits
Lawrence, Sam  1.00
Allwood, Scott 1.00
Maxwell, Nick 1.00
Walker, Chelsea 2.00
Seymour, Kye 2.00
Nibbs, Peter 2.00
Bjaaland, Isaac 3.00
Jones, Nick 3.00
Brown, Abbey 3.00
Wade, Micah 3.00
Robinson, Jacson 4.00
Atkinson, Tyson 4.00
Blazely, Josh 4.00
Wade, Zac 4.00
Smyth, Paul 5.00
Ridge, Aaron 5.00
Clarke, Jonathon 5.00
Munting, Steph 6.00
Hughes, Nathan 6.00
Hall, Adam 6.00
Heald, Dale 7.00
Beattie, Isaac 7.00
Spinks, Amy 7.00
Woodcock, Martin 8.00
Sargent, Aryelle 8.00
Snare, Josh 9.00
Lyons, Hayley 10.00
Radford, Andrew 11.00
Goss, Rebecca 11.00
Howard, Lisa 13.00
Watt, Mary 13.00
Galpin, Shelly 15.00
Clarke, Cait 15.00
Reeves, Karli 16.00
Chadwick, Kaye 17.00
Morse, Nicole 18.00
Griffiths, Jocelyn 18.00
Faulkner, Megan 20.00
Escobar, Luis 21.00
Wyllie, Justin 21.00
Gray, Kyle 21.00
Hooper, Alif 22.00
Clark, Lucy 22.00
Rolls, Andrew 22.00
Giani, Brendan 25.00

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