CrossFit 42 South

Anzac Day: The box will be closed today

The gym will be closed today but I'll be heading in at some stage to train. Keep an eye on Facebook if you would like to come in 🙂

Practice your gymnastic skills over the weekend. Kick up into a handstand and practice… 

also, check this out This is the Outlaw way Connectivity A.K.A get awesome at your gymnastic movements. It's all about build positional strength which will help you in all your gymnastic work. Muscle ups, HSPU, T2B, pull ups, C2B etc….. 



One Response to “Anzac Day: The box will be closed today”

  1. Mitch says:

    Quick hotel gym sesh-

    3×5 bench 65kg


    3×8 horizontal row 48kg

    3×10 tricep pull down 28kg

    conditioning- 4 laps of pool.

    felt good today, probably because I'm on holiday! Looking forward to a full on week next week.