CrossFit 42 South

A letter/testimonial by Leanne Stokes (CrossFit MSD member)

Dear Mason
It has been almost 12 months since I walked into your box with unknown expectations, and during that time have now found myself willingly attending at least 5 days a week unless I am out of the state, even then, if I have been away on extended holidays I have managed to find a Crossfit box and worked out with them. Globally every box has the same vibe, it’s so awesome.
I once spoke with you and you asked me what my goals were… and I still really don’t know, but I did really want to learn to do kipping or strict pullups, deadlift 100kg, do a wall climb or handstand pushups do more than 1 Toes to bar in 12 minutes ?, not really, but that’s because I couldn’t do them. I amaze myself as to how excited I get on actually achieving these movements, though my kips are still not pretty.
Generally I have a gym membership and use it for 3 months before I go on holidays to get into some sort of shape, which was my original reason for turning up in August 2015 as I was going on holidays in January, so after this time, what was my goal?
I still don’t have any set goals (but hope to run in the Burnie 10). as it has now become part of my day, rain snow or shine and whilst I find the WODs and lifting challenging, I do not find anything I really dislike except perhaps kettlebell swings.
I find myself some days at work wondering why I am doing this as my legs and shoulders hurt and it’s an effort to move and I think there is no way I could possibly workout tomorrow, but the alarm goes off, I get up and rock on in for another morning of exercise, and so it repeats. Your words are “just get used to it”. Well I still haven’t but some days are better than others and I so don’t want to say, “I’m too old for this”.
I have thoroughly enjoyed these 12 months and have met some wonderful people, I love the inclusion and the comradery from all who attend; from those who are beginners to experienced competitors of all ages. And how encouraging they are even when you are the last to finish, or pressing a 15kg bar over your head.
I would like to thank you for your assistance, advice and coaching over the last 12 months and I am looking forward to what I will be achieving in the next 12 months, perhaps wacky Wednesday to go along with Happy Tuesday!!
I would also like to congratulate you on your professionalism and enthusiasm you bring to your business

Kind Regards
Leanne Stokes


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