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WOD: Friday the 4th April 2014

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014


A1) Deadlifts

5-5-5-5 – rest :30

*Start heavy and build up on each set. These are to be done touch and go like you would do in a WOD.


A2) 4x ME Strict pull ups + ME kipping pull ups –rest :30

*You’ll do a max set of strict pull ups then without dropping from the bar you’ll do a max set of kipping pull ups


A3) 4x ME Deficit push ups on 25/10kg plates (scale to regular push ups or knees as needed) –rest 2:00



Thursday the 3rd April 2014

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Picking up from yesterdays post, I'd like to also thank my coaches for being there to help everyone during the Open and all those who done the judges course. You guys all made it possible for the Open to have run as smooth as it did… 

Do you have tight shoulders? Do you struggle to snatch, jerk, overhead squat? Do your shoulder hurt when trying to do a pull up or a t2b? Watch this video and start doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY… As well as talk to me about any funkyness you have going on as I have spent 12months rehabing my shoulder. Get into it before it comes a problem. It doesn't need to become a problem so do this DAILY and ask me for help 🙂

Lastly, register for the weightlifting comp now!!!!!!!


15min cut off:

30 snatches for time (pick own weight)

*These are snatches not power snatches. Go as heavy as possible and make a note of missed lifts.


Prior to the workout be sure to spend some time on your snatch technique. Do not build up to a 1rm or anything like that but spend time focusing on the movements. Talk to a trainer for help.



Row 500m

Rest 2min

Row 500m

*Score is fastest and slowest times



WOD: Wednesday the 2nd April 2014

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

My top moments for the Open at CrossFit MSD (I would write a top 40 as everyone was awesome but I just can't)

Just need to note before you read on that my writing skills are average at best. So don't tell me about all my mistakes, my poor grammar, shitty spelling etc. I don't care. You say I can't write well then don't read this and get of my website. lol 🙂

1) Joc nails her first double under ever… How fucking cool. Not bad for a lady who has banged up knees. She is an inspiration to all those people who say "I can't, im injured" or "this hurts me, it's to hard". Joc just shuts up, deals with it and gets to work. And this is why she is so much fitter and healthier today then ever before… To top this of she also logged a score for every single WOD. Even managing to do the over the bar burpees. 

Love you buddy. Thanks for all your support you have given me also. 


2) Lyn getting her first toes 2 bar in 14.4. Her journey started in 14.1 like everyone else. She could barely do double unders but she figured it out, even though she only managed 7 these where her first double unders but, it gets better. In 14.2 she was unable to log a score because she couldn't do an overhead squat with the rxd weight. So being awesome and all she comes out in 14.3 and smashes the shit out of the deadlift workout. Lifting heavier weights then a lot of men struggle with over and over again then in 14.4 she was worried she wouldn't be able to do a toe 2 bar and she managed 9 of them. Her reaction after the first rep was so amazing. Then to finish it of she completed the hardest WOD of all 14.5. She said she will be there for hours and completes it within 40 odd minutes. 

Mate, I'm so proud of you…. 


3) Tom… This kid is awesome. He's been training with us around 3 months or so. Has never missed a session until last Tuesday morning (slacking of buddy lol). Since starting he could barley squat 30kg and  has never overhead squatted more then 25kg and in 14.2 Wils and Sjon stuck with him and got him a few reps with 45kg. This is 10kg of his max back squat. This was amazing.

Brotha, you have honestly made me so proud. I can't believe how far you have come in such a short time. This time next year you'll be able to do EVERYTHING without any doubts. Keep working hard man.. 


4) Stephs' first double unders. This girl worked so hard for a LONG time to get a double under and she just couldn't get one. No matter how many bands she had tied to her, the funky ropes Wils made for her or the yelling Lucy gave her she just couldn't do it. Then, one day before the Open 14.1 Lucy said something to her and then a miracle happened. Steph now has double unders 🙂

Well done dude 🙂


5) My good mate Stag, this dude has been doing CrossFit for like 9 months and has crushed his first open. In 14.4 he also come first in Tasmania and 19th in Australia beating Chad Mackay his second hero (me being the first right bro?) He also got his first muscle ups during the Open and put it into practice when it mattered in 14.4 which finished on muscle ups. Dude, big year ahead and you'll make me look like a little school girl. 


6) Apples… Well man, you have done very very well. You've flown under the radar being new and shit but fuck me. You have done an amazing job. finishing top 10 at the box and just at the heels of the other big boys. Next year you'll also crush it. Well done man. 


7) To everyone else. Just because I haven't written anything special doesn't mean I didn't notice your awesome moments. I'm so lucky to witness awesome bas ass moments all the time. Love you all. Keep being awesome and keep trying to be better everyday. 


8) As a team we finished 104th out of 344 in Australia. You all rock…… 


Lastly, I would also like to thank the crew from Move Strong for coming out every weekend. You guys ROCK… 


Strict press

5-5-5-5-5 – rest as needed


Push press – rest as needed



Push jerk – rest as needed



The goal is for each set to get heavier. Starting weight on the push press should be heavier then your finishing weight on the strict press. Starting weight on the push jerk should be heavier then your finishing weight on the push press.


They told me they wanted to fuse together so I showed them the fusion dance from Dragonball Z. Clearly they had no idea what I was talking about and this is why it didn't work. lol…