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Saturday the 30th November 2013

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Open box at 10am

come in and do a catch up WOD, work on extra things etc… 













Friday the 29th November 2013

Thursday, November 28th, 2013


Back squat 10rm

*We will do this over a 3 week period so start heavy-ish. Allow for room to improve. Start heavier then your last 20rm as a guide.



15min AMRAP of:

10 thrusters 40/30kg

10 pull ups

200m run


Additional work

(A) Push press 1rm


(B) 2min AMRAP of burpees

*This MUST be done 2min AFTER the main conditioning piece



Thursday the 28th November 2013

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


4 rounds of:

:45 sec ME wall balls 9/7kg

:15 sec rest

:45 sec ME KBS 32/24kg

:15 sec rest

:45 sec ME cals (row)

:15seconds rest


Score will be the total amount of reps in each movement as well as a total

Family rowing… 


Wednesday the 27th November 2013

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013


Build up to a max of the following:

1x power snatch, 5x OHS

*Build up to this max, be sure you get in at least 5 good working sets.

Additional work

(A) 5rm Front squat

(B) 2x 1km row – rest 3:00

*Make sure you average/500m pace is faster by 1-2 seconds so you finish faster then last weeks times

Kelsey's first handstand….. 


Tuesday the 26th November 2013

Monday, November 25th, 2013


Press 3×5

*Heavier then last week



15-12-9-6-3 of:

Power cleans 70/50kg

30 UB double unders between PC

*If you break on the DU’s start from 0. Scale by picking a number that you think you can do UB. If you are very new to DU’s just do them and not worry about breaking


Additional work

5×1 low hang clean and jerk

* You’ll pick up the bar 2” of the floor, pause for a moment then clean and jerk


(B) 3x ME strict hspu

*1x ab mat max other wise pike push up on box, make as difficult as possible.

Clean your mess Franko. One messy kid you are! LOL


Monday the 25th November 2013

Sunday, November 24th, 2013


Pause back squats (3secs at bottom)

3×5 @ 70% of last weeks 1rm



800m run

30 C2B pull ups*

400m run

20 C2B pull ups*

200m Run

10 C2b Pull ups*

*If you break on the C2B pull ups do 10 jumping squats before resuming from where you left off



Additional work

(A) 5×2 low hang snatch (2” of the floor)

*You’ll pick up the bar 2” of the floor, pause for a moment then snatch. Drop and re set if you wish, but quick re set


(B) Tempo Pendlay row


*Fast up, 3 secs pause on chest, 3 sec lower with perfect form, no hitching.

Massive thanks to all those who voted for CFMSD…. The dinner is this Saturday and I'm so stoked to be going for the second year in a row thanks to all your awesomely awesome bad asses 🙂


Saturday the 23rd November 2013

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Open box at 10am

Come in and do a catch up WOD, something extra, try go for some PR's and just Bro (Sis?) out and have some fun

Thoughts??? I still beleive that you must be able to do a strict pull up or be darn close before kipping as it will make the movement easier and I still think safer. I like the idea of practicing kipping out of WODs though and when your strength matches you'll be doing them in those WODs in no time 🙂



Friday the 22nd November 2013

Thursday, November 21st, 2013


1rm clean



EMOM for 14 min

Even- 5 cleans @ 70% of above

Odd- ME strict pull ups


Score is weight used/total pull ups and any rounds missed


Additional work

(A) Push Press 3×5 –rest 1:30

*Heavier then last week


(B) 3x ME strict ring dips – rest 1:30



Thursday the 21st November 2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013


For time complete the following:

Row 500m

60 OH plate lunges 20/15kg

30 box jumps 30/24”

30 OH plate lunges

15 box jumps 30/24”

Run 1km



Wednesday the 20th November 2013

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013


Take 15mins to find a 1rm Power snatch




30 power snatches for time


Additional work

(A) 1rm power clean and push jerk


(B) 2x1km rows – rest 3:00

*Goal is to keep a consistent pace over both efforts. These aren’t PR efforts but should be hit around 85-90%.

*During rest break keep moving. Walk 200m in this time.



Tuesday the 19th November 2013

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Great turn our to our Free Trial Class. Thanks to all those who attended 🙂


Deadlift 10rm (T&G)

*Heavier then last week. Last week on this so go for gold with perfect form as always



15min AMRAP of:

200m run

20 UB KBS 32/24kg

*If you break on the KBS do 10 wall balls before resuming from where you were at


Additional work

5×1 3 position clean then jerk (floor, knee, hip then jerk)

*Try use last weeks max for your sets


(B) 3x 1:20 plank hold – rest :30sec


Monday the 18th November 2013

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Reminder that there will be a Free Trial class on tonight at 5.30pm. I would really appreciate it if you all could try train at an earlier time either in the AM or an early PM session. Train at 5.30pm if you HAVE to. Don't train at 5.30pm because you want to see all the new people. Let them have their space. By all means, come down and support everyone if you wish just try to give these newbies some space please. 


(A) 1rm pause back squat

*5secs at the absolute bottom position then explode up


(B) Press 3×5

*Heavier then last week



75 pull ups for time

*Every min on the min starting on the first min do 10 burpees


Additional work

5×1 3 position snatch (floor, knee, hip)

*Try use last weeks max for all 5 sets


Saturday the 16th November 2013

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Open gym at 10am as normal but we will have a WOD that can be done to help raise money for Codi (from CF42s) 


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
5 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20"
10 Power Snatches, 45/30kg
15 Double-unders



Friday the 15th November 2013

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

The Power of Carbs


Back squat 20rm

*Heavier then last week. This is the last time we will do a 20rm for a little while so today is the day you really, truly have a crack if you have a bit left in the tank on the previous weeks.



4 cycles of the following for max reps


In 1:30 complete 15 C2B pull ups then in the remaining amount of time AMRAP the following:

Hang clean thrusters 60/40kg


Score is the total amount of HCT completed


Additional work

Push press 3×5

*Heavier then last week

MW19101380 [800x600]
A great look at the Tasmanian CrossFit community. Got to love it!!!!!!


Thursday the 14th November 2013

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

6 CrossFit Abriviations Every Mum Needs to Know



Tabata box jumps 24/20”

Rest 1:00


Tabata KBS 32/24kg

Rest 1:00


Tabata Calorie row


Score will be total reps of each movement


Wednesday the 13th November 2013

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Supple Leopards Vs The World: My take on the "Knees Out" Debate

Great article in regards to the "knee out" debate^^^^^^^^^^


Power snatch+hang PS +OHS


*Same as last week but aim to move more weight overall. Do this by starting heavier then last week and aim to finish with or better then last weeks results


Additional work

(A) Power clean+Hang PC


*Goal is to move more weight then last week. Start heavier and aim to finish heavier if possible


(B) 2km row time trial

*This is a PR attempt. 100% effort, do not hold back.

*You can hit this whenever you want. Before or after the weightlifting.  



Tuesday the 12th November 2013

Monday, November 11th, 2013


(A) Deadlift 10rm (T&G)

*Heavier then last week



Run 625m (block

Then 4 rounds of:

20 UB Wall balls 9/7kg*

20 burpees

Run 625m

*Every time you break on the wall balls do 5 burpees before resuming from where you broke.


Additional work

(A) Build up a to a max 3 position clean then jerk (floor,knee,hip then jerk). Take as many sets as needed but be sure to get some good work sets in.


(B) 4x 1:00 front plank hold UB – rest 30 seconds



Monday the 11th November 2013

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Rememberance Day, Lest we forget



(A) Tempo Back squat 3×5

*3 secs down, fast up and repeat. Heavier then last week


(B) Press 3×5

*Heavier then last week



4 rounds for time and total reps of:

ME strict pull ups

10 UB push press 60/40kg*

*If you break run 200m


Additional work

Build up a to a max 3 position snatch (floor,knee,hip). Take as many sets as needed but be sure to get some good work sets in.

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Saturday the 9th November 2013

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Open gym at 10am. Come in and do a catch up WOD, some extra work, have some fun etc…. 


Also next Saturday we will have a fundraiser WOD for Codi. Most of you guys wouldn't know him but he is a bit of a bad ass weightlifter. Let's get together and help him get to the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships. 




Attendance reports for September and October 2013

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Sorry for the delay on the September attendance report… 


Attendance Analysis Report September Normal








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