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Wednesday the 9th October 2013

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

On Saturday at 8.30am we will be having a mini in house comp. The workouts won't be released until you get in on the morning but expect to be doing the folling movements:



clean and jerks

wall balls

double unders

box jumps

pull ups

If you are attending, please express your interest so I am aware of how many will be doing this…. 



5 rounds for total reps of:

2min AMRAP of:

10 front squats 60/40kg

10 burpees

2min rest


score will be the total amount of reps completed after the 5 AMRAPs



Accumulate 3mins of an L-sit (rings, KB or floor depending on skill level)


Additional Work

Build up to a 3rm front squat in 10 mins (strict on the time)

For those who are getting to the level to do HSPU or want to become more efficent watch this video. Keep working on your strict HSPU but also it will help to practice the kipping HSPU as you can use this as a tool to get you closer to a strict HSPU but use less and less of a kip over time. 
In workouts where you need to do heaps of HSPU kipping will help just the same as a kipping pull up allows you to do those bigger sets easier but getting better on the strict will help.. 
Keep working hard!!!




Tuesday the 8th October 2013

Monday, October 7th, 2013


Power clean and push press (t&g, UB reps)


Rest 3min after each set

Add weight each set. Score will be weight used in each of the 5 sets


Conditioning (optional)

Run 1.6km


Additional Work

6×1 clean and jerk

Rest 60 seconds

*Try go a few more kilos heavier then last weeks 8×1


Monday the 7th October 2013

Sunday, October 6th, 2013


Back squat


*Heavier then last week



In 3mins:

30 wall balls 9/7kg

In remaining time AMRAP c2b Pull ups

Rest 2min

Repeat for 3 rounds


Score is the total amount of pull ups after 3 rounds


Additional work

8×1 snatch

Rest 45 seconds

*Try go a few more kilos heavier then last weeks 8×1

Gravity Monday….. 


Saturday the 5th October 2013

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Back to normal tomorrow. Open box at 10am… Come in and catch up on something you have missed

top tips for new crossfitters

20131004-181659.jpg (more…)

Friday the 4th October 2013

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

There will be no set classes today. We are closed due to the public holiday but, keep an eye on Facebook and I'll post up when I plan to be in the box for my own training. Possibly some stage in the morning and in the arvo..

If you are going to the show have fun. If you are just going to chill out have fun and if you are working it's ok, the weekend is close. If you work over the weekend, all weekend then do some day dreaming 🙂

Thursday the 3rd October 2013

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Tomorrow is a public Holiday (Friday). The gym will be closed but when I head in to train I'll post it on Facebook for those wanting to train. If you normally rest on a Thursday please train today. 

We will be back to normal open gym on Saturday. 


A) 7min AMRAP of:

5 back squats 100/70kg (yes Wils & Sjon, you can use racks)

30 double unders


rest 7min (In this time accumulate 2min of noes and toes HS hold.


B) 3 rounds for time of:

20 box jumps 24/20” step down

20 sit ups


Additional work

Bent over rows


*Start heavier then last week but you don’t have to finish heavier. PERFECT FORM.


Wednesday the 2nd October 2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Lift before you lift By Catalyst Athletics

Some good drills that may help some of you out…. 



15 minutes to find a max in the following complex:

1 power snatch

1 hang power snatch





30 power snatches 60/40kg


Additional Work

3rm power clean and push jerk (t&g)

*Try to move quick and with good form. 


Zac Cobbing winning at nationals in QLD a few days ago. Well done brotha.