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Thursday the 9th May 2013

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013


Back squat


*Go as heavy as possible. You’ll be surprised on how heavy you can go if you push yourself.



1000m row for time


Additional Work (do after finisher)

Turkish get ups


036 (2)

Must say it's good to have you and Meegs back into training Slayer. Keep it up man, been going well over the last few weeks.


Wednesday the 8th May 2013

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013




*Straight after each sprint 200m. Be sure to make it a sprint and not a jog. Hold yourself accountable to get the work done properly. Rest after the 200m run before your next set.



5xME of L sits

Rest 30 seconds


Additional Work (try to get done after snatch and before midline)

Pendlay rows


*Go lighter then last week and be sure form is perfect as always


Posted this a while ago but thought I needed to post it back up. When it seems like you may be going backwards remember that success isn't just a neat linear line going upwards. Sometime you have to go back to go forward. As long as you're constantly trying to go forward, push more weight, move faster you'll improve in the long run. Just look back to when you first started training with us to now. You have come a long way. Keep that desire to become better all the time and you will….. 

P.S yes I know my spelling may be shonky from time to time, ah well. 🙂


Tuesday the 7th May 2013

Monday, May 6th, 2013


Part A-

4 cycles for max reps of:

1minute ring dips

1minute rest


Part B-

5 rounds for time of:

5 UB Deadlifts (heavy)

15 sit ups

30 double unders 



Row 50 calories AQAP


Score for the day is total reps/time/time


Additional Work (try to get done before conditioning if possible)

Strict Press

3×5 heavier then last time by 1-2kg



Monday the 6th May 2013

Sunday, May 5th, 2013


Back squats


*Heavier then last weeks triples. No tempo today so get after it



12minute AMRAP of:

10 pistols

15 Pull ups

20 KB swing 32/24


Additional Work (to be done before or after strength if time allows)

EMOM for 7minutes 2 hang clean and jerk

*2 cleans then 1 jerk. Pick a heavy weight but something that you won’t be missing.


Why anyone would smoke is beyond me… Well done to all those athletes who have given up since training with us. If you are a smoker STOP NOW.. It's just plain and simply the dumbest thing in the world


Saturday the 4th May 2013

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Open box 10am

Use this time for a catch up wod on something you have missed during the week.

additional work
3×5 bench press
Heavier then last week

20130503-172557.jpg (more…)

Friday the 3rd May 2013

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013


5 rounds of:

100m KB farmer carries (pick own weight, heavy as possible)

30 second side plank

100m KB farmer carries

30 second side plank

100m KB farmer carries

45second Front plank

*This is not for time but aim to get carries done as fast as possible and goal is UB on plank holds


Additional Work

5×3 RDL’s (aim to get done before conditioning)

*5% heavier then last week

Some good lifting. You all should be watching these guys lift. They upload videos regularly 


Thursday the 2nd May 2013

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013


Front squats


*Heavy as possible, build up each set if you wish



For time:

30 power cleans 60/40kg


15 power cleans 60/40kg


*scaling options for HSPU is 1 ab mat only or strict press at a challenging weight 


Additional Work

3×8 weighted pull ups (get done after conditioning)


















*If you can’t do weighted, strict is fine or even use a band if you need it. Reps don’t have to be UB but keep it to no more then 1 break


Remember how cool the last box party was? DJ Stoney's set up, great night


Wednesday the 1st May 2013

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Sorry for this post coming up later then normal. Didn't have my computer on me last night 




*Go for the heaviest possible clean you can manage. Get after it


Tabata row for calories

Rest 30 seconds

Tabata burpees

*Score is total reps in each tabata e.g. 60,50

Additional Work

Pendlay rows


*Focus on keeping the back nice and flat and avoid hitching/jerking. Keep the movement as strict as possible