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Rest Day: Sunday

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Rest day at CFMSD

Open Box: Saturday

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Open Box

catch up WOD, skills, Own WOD, Mobility etc

Nathan lifting in his WOD gear lol….


WOD: Friday

Thursday, August 9th, 2012


3 rounds for time of:

10 hang power cleans 60/40kg

15 wall balls 9/7

10 burpees


Max effort hang on pull up bar. You can have as many efforts as needed to lodge your best effort


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Coach Aaron helping Dale play with his Snatch to perfection…. 


10 Reasons For Not Exercising & Why They Are HORSE SHIT!

So If you have any friends who are complaining about not exercising for one reason or another show them this article and tell them do get over it and just get it done.. It's a privelidge to be able to workout. It shouldn't be a chore. 


WOD: Thursday

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012


Push jerks



3 sets max strict pull ups for total reps


Post weight and reps to comments

For those who remember the old days at the PCYC how we have come a long way… For those newer members this used to be our old stomping ground. See the yellow taping? Well this is where we fucked the floor lol.. Glad to be at our new location but very thankful to Geoff and the PCYC for letting us get started up there.. 


Could a lack of sleep be making you fat or limiting the amount of lean muscle you gain? Check out this cool article from Lift Big Eat Big..

Hormones and Sleep?


WOD: Wednesday

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

WOD was changed due to weather and saftey. 10min AMRAP and 30 double unders for run 






10min AMRAP

10 box jumps 30/24”

10 jumping lunges

30 double unders


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Important Read

How extended cardio will ruin your strength gains


WOD: Tuesday

Monday, August 6th, 2012




Deadlifts 100/70kg



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Dan Bailey you are a freak.. Aaron, I am expecting this from you today.. 🙂


 "Paleo Cookies"

Want some healthier options for those naughty sweet cravings? Check out these bad boys. You can throw in what you want. I cooked some up Sunday and added in some Dark Choc Chips, Cranberries and Walnuts.. 


WOD: Monday

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Member Referral Incentives

Just want to announce that we will be offering incentives for all our members to bring in referrals.

How does it work? Well for every person you refer who signs up for a membership with us we will discount you 50% of your next months of training. If you refer us 2 members before your next payment that month will be free and so on.

Why are we doing this? Well we have been up and running since October last year as CrossFit MSD and we have tried a few different things for marketing but it’s obvious referrals are the best way for us to grow our member base and we thought it’s time to say thank you for helping us get to where we are at. So you help us in building up the community of CrossFitters we will help you by discounting your training.

Also it eliminates tyre kickers! General marketing just tends to bring in unmotivated people who are tend to do the following: try and haggle our prices, who having a gym membership and think it’s going to get them fit all by its self, who are lazy and will bring down the motivated people and those who really aren’t ready to become the best they can be.  But when you bring in a referral these people are normally like-minded people like yourself who are obviously motivated and ready to make some real changes. These people wont try and haggle our prices down or complain that it’s to hard. You would have already told them all about it and this would make our growing CrossFit community more enjoyable to be in.

Once again thank you to all the members at CrossFit MSD for getting us to where we are today. Lets continue to all be awesome together and spread CrossFit around the community. 


Maso and the coaching crew J


Back squats






Pull ups

Remember when she couldn't even squat 1/4 of the way down wel here is Joc working hard in her own time to try and achieve her goals of squatting bellow parallel. Keep kicking ass mate and I bet you by the end of the month you will be bellow parallel easy. Well done. 


Rest Day: Sunday

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Rest day at CFMSD


10 ways to be a better Crossfitter from

10. Hold the bar straight.

9. Pay attention to your breathing.

8. Use less chalk. Really.

7. Read the CrossFit Journal articles and watch the videos. What’s this going to take? Like 15 min a day? Worth the time and worth the $25 per year. Stop whining and commit.

6. Stop whining and commit. Yeah, that was so good and simple, it needed to be said again and for like all of life.

5. Put sh** away where it belongs. You might call it housekeeping but, really, it’s a form of discipline. You don’t want bumpers or collars or KBs or whatever all over the place. Pick your item, use it, and put it away. Mental discipline is as important as physical discipline, maybe even more so.

4. Get to class 15 minutes early, all the time. Use that extra time not to chat or work on stuff you’re good at — use it to suck. Suck at L-sits, suck at deadhang pull-ups, suck at KB snatches. All the stuff you and your ego have been avoiding. Put on your big girl panties and do the stuff you don’t want to do. It’s called being a grown-up. And a CrossFitter. Go do it.

3. Shut up about programming. Nobody’s ever happy with programming unless they’re the ones doing the programming. Do the workouts. If you’re getting stronger and quicker and feel better, guess what? The programming is working. And if you’re not getting stronger or quicker and you don’t feel better, grab a coach and address your concerns privately.

2. Pay attention. Stop chatting and daydreaming and goofing off. Focus.

1. Stop praying at the bar. Gather yourself, address the bar, breathe, and lift. Don’t make it more complex — in movement or thought — than it needs to be. Lift the flippin’ bar


Open Box: Saturday

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Open box at 10am

Come in and do a catch up WOD, work on your goats, fix your mobility problems or do a workout of your choice approved by a coach…


Karli (above) knows that to improve her training she needs to work on mindset. To get under that heavy weight isn't a strength thing but more a mindset thing. So start being confident in what you can do, believe and get after it..

The link bellow should give you a few words to help..



WOD: Friday

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012



shoulder to overhead 50kg

toe 2 bar


rest 1minute then..


Row 1000m


Post times comments

Getting their learn on…….



You need to get yourself some olympic lifting shoes….. Read this article from Lift Big Eat Big to find out why etc.. 

By not having a pair of lifting shoes you are not allowing yourself to reach your potential. You will squat better, lift better and it will make you move better even when your olympic shoes aren't on.. I swear by mine and suggest you all get onto them as well… 
You can get them from Reebok CrossFit, Rouge, Again Faster, IronEdge and many more places… 

Earn your carbs

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Are you always feeling sluggish and hungry since going Paleo??

Check out this article

I have had a few people say to me since they have started Paleo they are feeling hungry and that their performance in the gym has gone down.

Well let me tell you that it shouldn't. Just because you are eating Paleo doesn't mean you should be eating low carbs. You are just eating a lower amount compared to the "normal everyday inactive overweight person who is smashing sandwiches and cereals"..  

So read the article above and see if your are earning your carbs… 

WOD: Thursday

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


5×3 Front Squats

(try to add 2.5kg from last week’s 3×5. Although there are less reps there are more sets)


Core stability finisher

50 hollow rocks for quality


Post weight used to comments