CrossFit 42 South

Welcome to CrossFit MSD in Burnie

Welcome to CrossFit MSD.

You have come to a community-based strength and conditioning gym here in Burnie, Tasmania. Our address is 62 West Moorville Road, Burnie 7320

At CrossFit MSD, we change lives. We do this by doing CrossFit. Our gym goes well beyond just a place to workout. Our gym is a community filled with like-minded people who all know each other by their first names, who are here to motivate and support each other.

Our gym is not like a normal gym with machines and mirrors everywhere, instead, we build the machines (you) by doing functional based training. We do squats, presses, deadlifts, pull ups, push ups, running, rowing, skipping, throwing, jumping, etc. All this put together and taught correctly is what is going to get you into shape.

Our gym caters for all fitness levels. All the workouts can be scaled to suit your ability. Our coaches will help you on a personal level each and every day so you can complete the workout to the best of YOUR ability. We have members who are young and old, big and small, very athletic to those who have never done a workout before.

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